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What are we learning?

In the Early Years, we want to ensure children have the best possible start in our setting, so that we can move them on from their individual starting points and fully prepare them for their next stage in learning. We aim to enable children to be independent, resilient risk-takers that seek challenge, are curious, use their imagination, have ambition and are keen to learn. We want our children to have a sense of belonging to our community, to feel accepted and have happy, fun, new and positive experiences. 

In Key Stage 1, we continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating the CUSP programmes of study as well as other carefully selected schemes, such as Jigsaw for PSHE and Sing Up for Music. CUSP is ambitious and underpinned by evidence-led practice. The sequences of learning within each subject are carefully organised to ensure that children are making connections with prior learning, retrieving their knowledge and transferring it to their long term memory. Each sequence is language rich to enable our children to learn and communicate using a vast range of specific and technical vocabulary. Learning is enriched through inspiring experiences, both through visitors coming into school and the children exploring exciting new places.